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Lanna Dang


Lanna grew up in the nail salon of her parents. Lanna says that some of her most cherished childhood memories were hanging out in the family salon after school surrounded by love and affection of their clients. Lanna says these people were her extended family.
After graduating from ASU, Pampr’d Soul became her passion project.

Pampr’d Soul is a community before business and a purpose before profit workplace. Providing exceptional quality services and building the sisterhood one soul at a time.


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Lanna firmly believes you should absolutely look forward to your nail appointment each and every time. You can expect consistency with the quality of service, conscious product selection that are health and wellness focused, and a positive and uplifting vibe created by team members who love where they work. Each nail artist will be able to provide education on the best care for your nails and explain each step of the treatment process.

The motto at PAMPR’D SOUL is you leave here loving your nails and feeling connected, pampered and empowered.


Salon Manager

Robin is our salon manager aka “salon mom.” Native of Chicago, Robin moved to Arizona just a year ago seeking sunshine. She has been masterfully crafting nails for 37 years and was an educator for well-known nail brand Backscratchers Salon Systems for 15 years. When she’s not perfectly carving out the smile line on your French manicure, Robin enjoys being outdoors, is a motorcycle enthusiast, and loves find wine. She is married to her husband of 17 years, Dante and has two furbabies, Romeo & Bella.

Style: simple, elegant & classic.


Nail Artist

Fancy is known for her fun, spice and boundless conversations. She has been doing nails for over 10 years and loves connecting with her clients to create mini works of art during each appointment. Outside of her profession she is a woman of many interests and talents including crafting cool projects. She’s a whiz with her Cricket. She prides herself on giving a 5-star experience so unique that we’ve dubbed it “The Fancy Experience.” Make sure you book with Fancy to experience this shining star for yourself. Fancy specializes in belly laughs, acrylics, nail art and extra long nails.


Nail Artist

Christine has been a professional nail technician for over twenty years. She has seen the styles come and go and loves the art of nails and the people she meets. Christine is a certified CND professional and her first and foremost goal is to create a positive and fulfilling experience for her guests. She has taken her talent to a vacation destination called Lake Tahoe and after several years of service to the residents as well as the “Rich and Famous,” she came back home to Scottsdale where she was raised. Her family has a rich history as pioneers of the state. Christine has also traveled to Europe and the Pacific Islands, skydived and loves adventure and getting to know her clients. She’s also low-key, the funniest person in the salon.


Nail Artist

I’m Lynnie and I grew up in Arizona and have lived here my whole life! Some of my hobbies are going to the gym, reading, listening to podcasts and spending time with my boyfriend! I have been doing nails for 7 years now! I love doing Gel mani services, Pedicures, Acrylics and I especially enjoy doing nail art! I always want to learn new things and improve! I love to pamper my clients, to make each client feel beautiful inside and out!



Nail Artist

Stephanie has been in the beauty industry for over 7 years. She enjoys talking to people and making them feel beautiful inside and out. Stephanie has a very creative mind and goes above and beyond to make sure you get the service you deserve. In her free time Stephanie loves spending time with family and friends and her 3 pups. Book with Stephanie to get a fun, relaxing and awesome pampering experience.



Nail Artist

Hello, I’m Sayde. Although I’m originally from South Texas, I adore living in Arizona! On my free time I enjoy painting, playing video games, and spending time with my boyfriend and our pets. We have a labrador retriever, three semi-aquatic turtles, and a chameleon. Since 2017, I have been learning and self-educating myself in the beauty industry and am now a proud licensed cosmetologist. I’m an expert at nail art, and I enjoy giving my creations as much thought and care as I can. My nail art includes realistic portrait-like designs, line work, marble work, ombre, cartoon designs, and more!


Nail Artist

Angie is an Arizona native and grew up on the Navajo Reservation in Flagstaff. After entering into the world of nails, she moved down to the valley to seize more opportunities for improvement in her craft and growth in her career. She LOVES making people’s day and believes that starts with a smile and a beautiful Mani & Pedi! When not working she prioritizes time with friends, family, her dog Prince and her sweetheart fiance. Angie specializes in all nail modalities from all natural Dazzle Dry to dip and acrylic. She is also fabulous with hand drawn nail designs. Book with Angie for a quality and over-delivered experience.


Nail Artist

Hi, my name is Leslie. I’m a 31 year old mama of 2. Born and raised here in lovely Arizona. I’ve been doing nails professionally for going on 3 years now. I specialize in pedicures and ingrown nails. I get pure satisfaction by seeing my clients’ relief when the ingrown is removed and can instantly see the discomfort go away. I’m also creative and love crafting beautiful nails with gel and acrylics. In my free time I love to relax at home from my busy busy life and spend time with my kiddos and family.

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